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What is Hypnosis, and what should I expect?

The first part of a hypnosis session begins with completing our session agreement and waiver, an interview where we find out what questions you want answered, discuss any concerns or questions you may have about the process, and payment.  

Once completed, you sit in a reclined position, while covered with soft blankets, just as you would before taking a nap. 


In order to put you into a trance state, you listen to guided meditation in soft tones, which allows you to relax just as you would before sleep. 


Hypnosis is the transitional phase just before drifting off to sleep. We naturally enter this trance-like state when we prepare for sleep at night and as we awaken in the morning. If you can sleep, you already possess the ability to enter a hypnotic trance.

Think of those moments when you're daydreaming, and someone is speaking to you, yet you're entirely unaware of their words. This is akin to the level of hypnotic trance. The same can be said for those instances of automatic driving when you navigate familiar routes without consciously thinking about each turn.

It's essential to recognize that all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. My role as a hypnotherapist is to guide you into this altered state, but the magic happens when you actively release and let go of your thoughts. Once in this trance state, relax, release, and allow information to flow through you without processing or hesitation.

It is important not to analyze or overthink during hypnosis, and successful clients let their thoughts flow and speak their thoughts. The key is to release your thoughts and release the analytical mind. The more you express, the richer your experience and results will become.

It's vital to understand that, in hypnosis, you retain complete control, revealing only the information you would in any regular conversation.

While in the trance state, some individuals receive information through images, while others receive thoughts or possess an intuitive "knowing." Each person's experience is unique, and the information that arrives varies accordingly.

Relax, enjoy the experience, and set your intention for a fruitful session.

After your session, review the recording to recall the insights that came through. Listening to your recording in the days following your session reinforces its effects and keeps you receptive to further insights.

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