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Questions Clients ask their Higher Self in Sessions

  • What are [Client]’s objectives and/ or purpose in this life?

  • What are [Client]’s soul purpose and or gifts?

    • What gift/s abilities does [Client] have that she/ he is not using? 

    • Does [Client] have gifts she/ he is not using enough?

    • Is [Client] on the right path to accomplish her/ his purpose? 

    • Is [Client] in the right job to accomplish her/ his purpose?

  • Who are [Client]’s “Spiritual Tribe”?  Where is she/ he from?

  • [Client] sees shadows in their home and wants to know what you can tell them about who the energy is. 

    • Is the energy good? 

    • What does the [Client] need to do to help the energy transition? 

    • What else does [Client] need to know about this?

  • [Client] feels as though she/ he may have had UFO abduction experiences. 

    • Has [Client] been abducted?  Who did this?  Why?  Are they benevolent beings?

    • Does [Client] have any implants?  What is it used for?  Can it be removed at this time?

    • Does [Client] have any hybrid children? 

    • If so, how many?

  • [Client] wants to know if she/ he has known her partner in past lives?

    • How many past lives have they had together? 

    • What were their relationships in their past lives? 

    • Were they happy lives?

    • What more does [Client] need to know about her relationship with her/ his partner in this lifetime?

    • How can [Client] deepen their relationship, and live life to its fullest divine purpose? 

    • Will they have children? 

  • Who in [Client]’s life has she/ he had past lives with?

  • [Client] wants to know of any karmic ties she/ he has in this lifetime. 

    • Can you tell [Client] who they are with?  What more can you tell [Client]? 

    • Has [Client] completed any? 

    • What is the best way for [Client] to fulfill her purpose and healing in these relationships?

    • Who does [Client] have soul contracts with in this lifetime? 

    • What more can you tell [Client] about her/ his soul contracts?

  • Are [Client]’s current relationships healthy? 

    • Are any unhealthy that she/ he needs to know about?

  • Does [Client] have any unresolved issues with transitioned loved ones?

    • With who? 

    • Can she/ he speak to them now? 

  • Are there any past-life issues causing difficult relationships in this lifetime? 

  • What percentage of [Client]’s life contract has she/ he completed so far?

  • Does [Client] keep coming back to Earth because she/ he has to finish something? 

    • If so, does [Client] know what she/ he needs to finish? 

    • Has [Client] finished what she/ he needs to in this lifetime? 

    • Is there something you can tell [Client] that will help her/ him accomplish what she/ he came to Earth to do? 

  • [Client] has never had children in this lifetime.  Why didn’t [Client] have children in this lifetime? 

    • What more can you tell us about this? 

  • [Client] wants to be able to hear her/ his Higher Self (HS).  How can [Client] hear her/ his Higher Self? 

  • [Client] wants to communicate with his HS.  Does [Client]’s HS have any messages for [Client] at this time?

  • [Client] would like to experience a glimpse of Being One with Source.  Can you take [Client] to see Source for a moment and allow [Client] to bring the memory back into her/ his conscience and waking memory?

  • Body Scan

    • Are any of [Client]’s chakras blocked? 

      • Which chakras are blocked?  

      • Can we open them now? 

      • If not, when will they be open? 

      • What does [Client] have to do to open them?

    • Can the ArchAngels assist in cutting cords from past lives that do not serve [Client] in this current lifetime?  What are they?  What caused them?

    • Are there any other blocks in [Client]’s current life that they can assist in removing today?

    • Can the [Client's] ancient ancestral healers assist in healing [Client] today?

    • Is there any any ancestral bondage that needs to be removed from [Clinet] today?

    • Are there any other areas on [Client]’s body that need attention here today?

    • Is [Client]’s diet what it needs to be?

    • How long should [Client] meditate daily?  In a specific place? (Nature, etc?)

  • Are there any messages from [Client's] transitioned loved ones?​

  • Are there any messages from [Client's] Angels and Guides?

  • Are there any messages from Ascended Masters for [Client]?

  • Are there any messages from Source/ God for [Client] today?

Hypnosis is not sleep– Hypnosis is the state we are in right before we fall asleep.  We enter this state of trance both each night, and in the morning as we are waking up.  If you are able to sleep at night, then you are able to reach the state of hypnotic trance.  

Have you ever been daydreaming, and someone is talking to you, and you are completely unaware they are speaking to you?  This is the same level of hypnotic trance.  The same goes with automatic driving. You are driving a car and not thinking about the turn-by-turn directions, and yet you end up at your destination none the less. 

All hypnosis is self-hypnosis, and if you sleep, you know how to get yourself into this altered state.
The key to a successful hypnosis session is in releasing and letting go of thoughts in your mind. It is my job to take you to a trance state, then it is up to you to relax, let go or release, and let the information flow through you.   

Don't process what you see, feel or hear - just say it.  Don't hesitate, or analyze, just say it.  Red or Green-- which is it? Don't think, just say it.  The more you say, the more you will know and get out of the session. 

During hypnosis you are fully in control,  and you only reveal the information you would in a normal conversation. 

Once in the trance state, some people receive information in the form of images, some people receive thoughts, and some people have a "knowing".  All people are different, and so is the method in which the information comes to them.  

Remember, you are not coming to a hypnosis session by yourself, your angels, your ancestors, your divine guides will be with you so just relax and enjoy yourself and set your intention for a successful session! 

When you leave your session, review the recording so you can remember what information came through. Try to listen to your recording as much as possible over the five days following your session. You will still be open to receiving whatever comes through during your session, and listening to your recording will reinforce the session.

What Hypnosis is and What to Expect

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