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Past Life Regression $199 per session

Past life regression delves into the deepest realms of hypnosis, guiding the client to reach the most profound state of trance known as the Somnambulistic level. In this transcendent state, individuals gain access to their Higher Self (HS), a realm residing beyond the confines of conscious awareness. Once this connection is established, people can embark on journeys to revisit their past lives, sever emotional ties from those previous existences, and initiate self-healing processes. The Higher Self (HS) represents the expansive facet of our being, eternally linked to the Source or the Divine, possessing boundless wisdom and an inexhaustible capacity to mend the physical body.


Behavior Modification Hypnosis Sessions $199 per session

Fear or Phobia / Weight Loss / Stop Smoking Hypnosis Session

In these sessions, the process entails pinpointing the initial instance when a client first encountered the issue and substituting their reaction with a healthier one.

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