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Hypnosis and Past Life Regression FAQ's

Updated: Aug 20, 2020


Q: Why have a Hypnosis or Past Life Regression Session? A: Hypnosis and Past Life Regressions can be a very useful way for you to work through physical, emotional and spiritual questions or concerns you may have. Most often people want relief from ailments or conditions such as addiction, depression, anxiety, smokin, eating, migraine headaches, allergies and phobias - just to name a few. Many people come to understanding difficult or challenging relationships in their lives, and to find one's life purpose or path. Some people come to remember "Lost Time" or other things they have blocked in this lifetime.

Q: Is it possible to have more than one past life? A: Yes, and most people are shown multiple lifetimes which are selected by their Higher Self during a session. Each lifetime is there to give you a message that your Higher Self wants you to understand.

Q: Will I be consciously aware of what is taking place during the session?

A: Yes. Hypnosis is like a "Twilight Dream State", like daydreaming - where you are in the middle of a busy place, and your mind drifts away - blocking out all of the noise, people, and bustle around you. You may even be very much aware of everything that is happening inside and around you.

Q: Will I lose control of what I say during a session?

A: No. Your Higher Self is your Guardian that has your best interest at heart, and as a result will never act against your best interests or beliefs. If you have any doubts or fears associated with hypnosis, your conscious mind will not permit you to be hypnotized, or may interrupt the session.

Q: Can I bring a friend / relative with me to the session?

A: No. No one else is permitted to stay during the session .

Q: Can I make an audio or video recording of my session?

A: No. Your session will be recorded and it will be uploaded onto a new 16GB USB flash drive that you bering with you to your session. Karen Tenerowicz retains the rights to the recording.

Q: During the session can I connect with a loved one that has crossed over to the other side?

A: Yes, and it is very common for people to communicate with past loved ones including animals.

Q: What is the "Higher Self"?

A: It is the remaining consciousness that is not in your body which remains in the spirit realm. The Higher Self is also called the "Over Soul", "Super Conscious", or "Sub Conscience". Your Higher Self knows everything there is to know about you, and will only share information that is most appropriate for you to know and benefit from.

Q: How does the information come through?

A: You will go into a deeply relaxed meditative state using hypnosis, which will take you back in time and space. At that point, I will ask you to start describing what you see. You will then guide me through your past lives.

Q: What if I can't see anything? A: Most non-visual people get a sense of something, rather than seeing something. In this case, just describe whatever pops into your head. Some people see pictures and images, and this is how your Higher Self is able to communicate with you. Whatever you are seeing is being shown to you for a reason, and you will be surprised at how it relates to your current life.

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